Who we are

Fasture designs, manufactures and installs beautiful, useful furniture. Our goal is to make great design accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

For the last fifteen years, we have created custom solutions for clients ranging from multi-national companies to home owners.

More About Us

Discover your inspiration

In our modern world of automation, mechanisation and utility, the quest for meaning and self expression is becoming more important. Our surroundings should not only speak for us, they should also speak to us. We’re here to bring individual expression back. Into the home, the work place and everyday life. We should influence our environment as much as it influences us.

of great design

At Fasture, we understand that furniture meets a practical need. But when items of design and proportion are introduced into everyday living spaces, they are able to transcent pure function. This links us  with something deeper, which we can all appreciate. We hope to make items of great design accessible to more than just a select few.

Modern style. Traditional quality.

Durability and reliability needn’t be terms from a bygone age. When you receive a piece of Fasture furniture, you can expect it to last. Because we obtained so much pleasure from making it, it stands to reason that you should get as much pleasure from using it.  The line between old school and new cool is a fine one, but we’d like to believe that each piece we produce is able to unite these ideals.